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In close collaboration with the Brazilian Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg, we collect, digitise and manage Frans Krajcberg’s archives : texts, publications, photographs, documentation ... 


Archives are constantly updated and completed by the team of the Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg.  


If you want to send your publication, send an email to 

Archives of artist Thérèse Vian deposited in February 2020 at Espace Frans Krajcberg are the first donation from the KRAJCBERG FUND.  


Thérèse Vian’s husband, Christian Mantovani, chose to donate to the Espace all the archives of Thérèse Vian, in connection with Frans Krajcberg. There are many texts and exhibition catalogs and photographs taken by Thérèse during her travels with Frans Krajcberg.  


Thérèse Vian-Mantovani (1953-2017) was a photographer, art historian, curator, editor-in-chief of artistic magazines and publisher of art books. She was Frans Krajcberg’s assistant and his friend until his death in 2017. Her travels with Frans Krajcberg to Brazil  transformed her vision of art and nature.  


For more information on Thérèse Vian-Mantovani, click here.  


To consult the archives:  

You can consult the archives on site, by scheduling an appointment. Please contact us: 


- by email  

- phone : 09 50 58 42 22 

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