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Extract from "Frans Krajcberg, Portrait d'une révolte", film by Maurice Dubroca, produced by Éric Darmon, 

Mémoire Magnétique production, (2004, 52 min). 

Broadcast on France 5 in 2005. FIPATEL 2004, UNESCO Documentary Prize 2004.

Full film to be seen at the Espace Frans Krajcberg or by clicking on the following link


  • Frans Krajcberg, O grito da Natureza, a film by Paula Saldanha and Roberto Werneck, TV BRASIL / RW Cine, 2012

  • Paris mouth to mouth, episode Montparnasse-Bienvenue, Espace Krajcberg, a film by Bruno CARRIERE, 52 min. Les Productions Mégafun (Canada), 2008

  • L'Oiseau de bronze, un sculpteur, une fonderie, a film by Oliver COMTE, 52 min. production Eyes Corporation, 2007 (about the bronze sculpture made by the Susse foundry).

  • Frans Krajcberg, Portrait d'une révolte, a film by Maurice DUBROCA. 52 min, production: Mémoire magnétique and CNDP-SCEREN, 2004.

  • Socorro Nobre, Frans Krajcberg, film by Junior Walter SALLES, FILM SANS FRONTIERE, USA, 1999. 

  • Frans Krajcberg, poet of the vestiges, 52 min. film by Junior Walter SALLES, text of the film produced by T.V. Manchete, Brazil, 1987.

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