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The Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg

 Photo de Tim Carroll, 1993

The Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg is responsible for the management of the exhibition rooms and the line-up of Espace Frans Krajcberg, Contemporary Art Center for Art & Nature.


It strives to ensure that the call initiated by the artist resonates as far as possible, by gathering around his work all those wishing to commit to the service of LIFE, ART and the PLANET. ​


In 2002, Frans Krajcberg donated 25 works to the City of Paris. Monumental sculptures, bas-reliefs, paintings and photographs, emblematic of his work. The Association was commissioned by the City of Paris to manage this collection within Espace Frans Krajcberg.  ​


The Association has made a commitment to the City of Paris to promote the artist, his work and, according to his wishes, to continue his fight for the preservation of nature, particularly the Amazon rainforest and the people who inhabit it. ​


The Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg brings together personalities from the world of art and culture, sensitive to the artist's environmental engagement and who were, for the most part, among his close friends.  

Frans Krajcberg.  Minas Gerais, Brésil.  Photo Tim Carroll, 1993

Board of Directors  :


President of the Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg  

SD archaeologist, General Curator of the Museums of the City of Paris, Historian of Paris, author and Curator of exhibitions.  



General Secretary of the Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg 

Producer and director, Director of Mémoire Magnétique productions (


Treasurer of the Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg  

Former Senior Advisor at the Court of Auditors and Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Paris (1996 to 2001),  

President of the Commission for the Year of Brazil in France in 2003. 



Director of the Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire (since 2007) 


Friend and collector of Frans Kajcberg  





Independent Exhibition Curator, Head of new media projects at the European House of Photography (MEP) from 2011 to 2019 


Managing Director of La Maison des Amériques, Paris 


Director of the documentary "Le Feu de la révolte" on Frans Krajcberg, produced by Eric Darmon in 2005 


Director of Sustainable Development and the Environment within the Rocher group 


Agronomist Engineer and Doctor of Economics, Member of the French Academy of Agriculture  


Honorary President of the Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg  

Special advisor to the President of the Institut du Monde Arabe, Consultant in cultural engineering, scenographer, photographer and writer. Former director of several cultural institutions (Pompidou Center, Decorative Arts Museum, plastic arts delegation, national photo center, etc.). ​


The Association of Friends of Frans Krajcberg in Paris works in close collaboration with the Brazilian Association AMA FRANS, chaired by the friend and heir of Frans Krajcberg, Marcia Barrozo de Amaral. The Brazilian association has also many close friends of the artist, such as Marcio Doctors, curator of the exhibition "Respiration Krajcberg" at the Casa Museu Eva Klabin in Rio de Janeiro in 2018, or the director Walter Salles, author of the documentary Krajcberg, the poet of the Vestiges in 1987.  


Sylvie Depondt , President of the Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg  


Eric Darmon , Secretary General of the Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg 


Jean Gautier , Treasurer of the Association Friends of Frans Krajcberg 


Capucine Boutte , Responsible for the development and partnerships of Espace Frans Krajcberg 

Frans Krajcberg

Frans Krajcberg, Brésil

General informations

Collectors: make yourself known!  

Our association carries out archiving, documentation and promotion of the artist's work and contributes to the elaboration of the catalogue raisonné of his works, which is in progress. 

We are in close collaboration with the artist's heirs in Brazil. 

It is essential, in this context, to be able to locate the works of Frans Krajcberg and to know the owners and holders in order to :

- Take, if necessary, photographs of the work in high definition;

- To know under which mentions of ownership the reproduction of the works must be indicated,

Know under which ownership mentions the reproduction of works must be indicated, in particular in the framework of publications or exhibitions;

- Know who to contact for a possible loan request.

To this end, we would be very grateful if you could send us your contact details, as well as any information you consider useful for the proper documentation of the work. 

Of course, we assure you that this information will remain completely confidential.

Write to us at

rans Krajcberg

The white creepers, 1991, plywood and natural pigments. 200 x 130 x 30 cm, Frans Krajcberg

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