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Frans Krajcberg sees his work as a permanent manifesto : “I don’t know how to write, I’m not a politician… I have to find the image that expresses my cry of revolt. Photography helped me capture moments of beauty and destruction; I was able to record what disappears ... I am a burnt man. Fire is death, the abyss. Fire has always been with me. My message is tragic. I show crime. I expose the crime." 


Frans Krajcberg’s photographic work on deforestation in the Amazon is a way of exorcising the traumas of the war in which he lost his whole family. His testimony is brutal, voluntarily shocking, sometimes made at the risk of his life - he received several death threats. 


His photos of trees in flames, twisted, glowing, half in ashes, denounce and show what we refuse to see. Yet they remain a beacon of hope for those who open their eyes. In the midst of the ashes that cover the ground, a root, an incipient fern or a delicate flower emerges, the promise of a rebirth.


 "We find ourselves in front of a powerful discourse that reveals to us, without any renunciation, the violence we are capable of against nature. Krajcberg is a pedagogue, he transmits to us through his works a decisive lesson for all of us: there is no future without balance, without a natural contract" underlines Juliano Souza Matos.

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